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Born and raised in the Chicago area, Art Busse was influenced from an early age by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead (Central Park, Panama Canal).

After first attending Princeton University, he received an honors degree in Social Thought and Institutions from Stanford University in 1971. He went on to work in urban neighborhood organizing, journalism and city planning in Portland Oregon, high rise construction in Chicago, and led concrete crews building the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline.

Returning to the San Francisco Bay Area, he raised two sons while establishing himself and his company as one of the area's foremost residential building contractors.

In the 90's Busse shifted his focus to the design aspect of residential construction and developed a unique specialty in expressive building design that evokes strong emotional responses in relation to its site.

He has received many prestigious awards for his recent work and enthusiastic praise from fellow professionals in the industry as well as from those who have purchased his homes.

The originality of vision reflected in his latest project, Cambio, has generated great excitement and extensive media coverage.